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April 2018 For those who like my photos, I've just added this link to my web album What I really must do next is convert these (non-game) pages to HTML5 and make them mobile friendly. That'll be a big job, so I don't know when I'm going to fit it in.

February 2018 For another year all my efforts have been concentrated on the games front, but I'm pleased to report that I'm still getting thanks from readers of my Carmina Burana translations. In particular, Patrick Oswald wrote: "I am a composition student in the Music Department of Moravian College in Bethlehem, PA. Recently, I have come across your translations of poems from the Carmina Burana and have been absolutely mesmerized by your renditions of these medieval texts. Your translation of “Sunshine Rules” was quite hypnotic and evocative of spring, while your translation of the “Swan Song” brought some depth to an otherwise facetious text that I did not think was possible! / I have been so taken by your translations that I would like to set your texts to music. Currently I am beginning work on an Honors Project for which will be composing a set of madrigals for vocal ensemble accompanied by percussion and piano. May I have your permission to use your translations as the texts for my project? I would be very grateful for your permission and thank you for your time in consideration of this project. If you have any more questions about this project or my work, please feel free to ask by responding to this email".

But I've heard nothing further since October 2016. Incidentally, some people say that they are unable to load these pages unless they can prove they are 18 or over! I can only assume there's something dodgy somewhere in the translations, but I can't think where it is. Suggestions welcome.

April 2017 I've spent little time on these pages for the past two years, having been concentrating on games for the sake of my livelihood. Since I last updated I can report that Kate Innes sought permission to quote a verse from my Carmina Burana translation in her medieval adventure The Errant Hours, which of course I granted, and I thoroughly enjoyed the story, especially as parts of it are set in parts of Wales I'm well acquainted with. Then George Lam, a New York based composer, made some settings from it (CB6: Ecce sonat in aperto and CB216: Tempus hoc letitie) which have since been performed and recorded. I continue to update my Arnold Bax pages as brother Graham comes up with new findings, and have been delighted by the number of emails Graham and I receive from people who have discovered his music for themselves.

1 November Now that I have a bit of breathing space after the Essen Games Fair I must get round to completely overhauling my Carmina Burana pages, as they're the same as they were when I first started them about 10 years ago. HTML has moved on a lot since then, and now there are mobile devices to think about too.

21 September Besides preparing games for the Essen Games Fair I've been busy rearranging my websites and making them mobile-friendly - quite a long job, but very satisfying. Now all my games stuff is at www.parlettgames.uk while www.davpar.eu remains the repository of my other interests and activities.

30 August Just had a request from a Polish publisher for rights to translate my Oxford History of Board Games into Polish. This might revive its fortunes in Britain, where Polish is the second most widely spoken language!